Monthly Subscriptions

Strapped In Time monthly subscriptions

We’re happy to announce we will be one of the very few business offering a monthly subscription plan for £10 a month as of August 2020.

Whats Included in the subscription?

For only £10 a month you will get 2 straps a month shipped to your door, postage is included within the subscription fee. 

The straps will very from month to month broadening and expanding your watch strap collection. Some of the straps included are our Premium NATO strap, Perlon straps, Elastic Trooper Bands, our Camouflage straps and more! The sizes will very between 20mm-22mm



You can cancel at any time, there are no cancellation fees. Send an email with your name and PayPal email address to

Where do I sign up?

Select your subscription below. We only use PayPal at the moment as we want to ensure the safest payment methods for our subscribers.